Starship Exchange

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What is the Starship Exchange?

The Starship exchange is where Constitution and Constitution Refit Starship holders can decommission their Starship for two from the remaining four classes: Miranda, Oberth, Soyuz, and Class III. In this upcoming mission, owners of eligible Star Trek™ Continuum Starships have the chance to strategically upgrade their fleets in preparation for the upcoming gameplay.


How was this mission decided?

After we capped the number of Star Trek™ Continuum Starships at 10,000 back in May the community voted on how the remaining 1,119 Starships would best be utilized. They decided on the mission we now face: decommission a Constitution or Constitution Refit for two Starships from the other four classes: Class III, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz.


When will this mission launch?

Starship Exchange will begin on September 27th, 2022.