Supported Features for Each Experience

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Actions supported by each Experience Powered by RECUR can vary depending on the Experience. 


The marketplace allows you to re-sell your NFTs once the Public sale has ended. Please make note of the creator fees when listing your NFT as these can vary across experiences. For more information about how to list on the marketplace, check out this article.

Withdrawing NFTs

As part of our commitment to accessibility and supporting agnosticism in the NFT space, you can self-custody by withdrawing your NFT using a supported wallet. For more information, please review How do I withdraw my RECUR NFTs?

Depositing NFTs

There are instances where your NFT must be on the platform in order to gain access to their benefits. Certain Passes will provide early access to sales. Additionally, to complete active challenges or open packs and/or cases your NFT must be on platform. For steps on how to deposit your NFT, you can check out this article.

Available Features by Experience


Experience Marketplace Withdraw NFTs Withdraw Case/Packs Deposit
Care Bears™ Forever
emoji™ Forever
Hello Kitty and Friends World™
Nickelodeon:Rugrats & Hey Arnold!
Star Trek™: Continuum
Top Gun: Maverick