Product Release Notes 9/2/22

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So. Much. Is. Happening. 😮‍💨

Hello Kitty and Friends World NFTs have their seatbelts secured and are taking to the skies. Our new BFF Barry Dingle is drip feeding diary entries for fans before he and his friends debut on We’ve also been hard at work on user experience improvements, new features, and a few exciting new releases coming in Q4. Wanna know more? Check out this week's product release notes below 🚀.

What’s happening at RECUR? 💪

  1. Where are you traveling? 🛩

Paris, London, Barcelona, and (for the Pass Holders) Miami are now OPEN! It’s lift-off time and there are still a few seats available on select flights.

Trips last 5 days and when your NFT comes back, it will bring back a special Stamp along with it.

Collect 3 matching Stamps and get ready for something really special to collect and customize your Hello Kitty and Friends NFT 😃


What’s next for Hello Kitty and Friends World? 🛫

New locations and new Stamps open on September 15th.

Berlin, Sydney, New York City, and (for Pass Holders) Tokyo! 

What’s your strategy? Are you trying to see everything you can in a single destination, or are you letting your Hello Kitty and Friends character wander around the globe and experience everything their big new world has to offer? 🤔

Tell us where you’ve been and where you’re going on Twitter and Discord - adventures are better with friends.


Platform and Experience Updates 🏗

  1. Share your NFTs with your friends and see an enhanced preview of them. Now when you share links to NFTs from the marketplace or in your collection, you can show-off exactly who you want.


  2. User experience improvements for websites and drops across experiences
    • NFTs revealed after pack openings now link to their NFT pages! Who doesn’t love shortcuts?
    • Improved messaging during order fulfillment: The user experience during a transaction now provides more context to make sure you know what’s processing and what to expect. See more, worry less.
    • Platform improvements to better serve our ever-growing user base. We’re humbled by this incredible community and we’re putting in the work to ensure our experiences are set up to scale and make every drop as smooth as possible

Coming Soon™ Recap 🔜

  1. Star Trek Starship Exchange 🛸

    The final frontier is upon us and we thank you for the continued support, inspiration, and patience. The next phase of Star TrekTM Continuum is coming soon. Collectors who have acquired a Constitution or Constitution Refit class Starship will have to decide if they’re willing to swap it for two Starships of a completely different class. Will you take the chance to quickly expand your fleet, or is a Constitution your flagship? Prepare for what’s to come and get excited for the next phase of Star Trek Continuum.

  2. emoji forever: the first drop 💩

    The next drop from RECUR is some real 💩. The OG himself, Barry Dingle, is getting ready to make his debut in the metaverse. But be warned, they kind of have a potty mouth 🚽. We’ll have more details soon on how you can join the first official emoji™ forever drop on September 22nd 🔜, but for now sign up for updates on emoji™ forever and check out our blog for updates directly from Barry himself.

  3. Voluntary KYC

    Accessibility is a core belief for RECUR. An updated KYC process is coming soon where you’ll be able to see and manage your KYC information directly from your RECUR account. To have an active RECUR account, all users must complete Level 1 KYC verification but to help all of our users complete the process, improved accessibility and speed to KYC is coming soon. 🔐 🚀 


LFG 🚀  🚀  🚀