Security Tips for Staying Safe in Web3

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“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” -unknown

NFT Experiences Powered by RECUR are built for exciting adventures and collectible moments. While RECUR does everything we can to make sure you have the best experiences with our platform and NFTs, you still have the most critical role in keeping yourself safe  - please stay vigilant. Below are some tips to help you stay safe.

Use Official Support Channels

RECUR’s official Help Center is located at If you’re experiencing difficulties, or have a payment or account related question, you can submit a request by going to this URL directly: Additionally, you can ask questions about drops, challenges, and rewards through our Discord. If you’re looking for help outside of RECUR, always do your due diligence to find the official support center or contact email of the business you are seeking help from.

Below are links to official contact support pages from some common Web3 providers some RECUR fans utilize outside of our platform. If contact information is not available, we have linked you to the platform’s main support landing page:

  • OpenSea
  • MetaMask (Note: To submit support requests with MetaMask you must create an account on their support site)
  • LooksRare

Never share your secret recovery (seed) phrase

RECUR will never ask you for the seed phrase to your crypto wallet. If a website or person is asking you for your seed phrase, it is likely a scam. Your wallet’s secret recovery phrase should be kept private to you and should never be shared. While RECUR gives every account a RECUR Wallet, a RECUR Wallet is custodied and no seed phrases are required from you to access it. RECUR does not offer browser extensions or ways to access your RECUR Wallet off of our user interface. The only external Wallet provider supported for use with RECUR is Metamask currently, though this is subject to change. RECUR will never ask for your Metamask wallet’s secret recovery phrase.   

For more information on Metamask funds and token safety, check out MetaMask’s tips here.

Make sure your wallet app or extension is the official one

If you’re downloading a wallet browser extension, verify the URL of the provider is what you expect for the official site of that provider. Once you’ve confirmed the official provider’s site, make sure to get your link for the extension directly from the provider’s website. Before downloading an app, you can also avoid impersonation scams by checking the reviews and developer info to confirm you’re getting the right one. If you’re unsure, contact support of the wallet provider!

Never click on an email, link, or file or engage in a DM you weren’t expecting or from someone you don’t know

When interacting with any content you can always ask 5 questions to help investigate its validity: asking “Who sent it?”, “Why is it there?”, “Where did I find this?”, “What is it?” and “When was it posted?” can help keep you safe online and steer you towards more legitimate sources of truth.  

It is important you do your own research and stay vigilant when browsing websites and interacting with others on social media or Discord, or via email and still pause and ask the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where and Why), especially if someone is asking you to act with urgency or phrasing things in a way that has you reacting emotionally. Know what you’re clicking on and why before you click on emails, ads, images, files, or links sent by anyone. If you’re suspicious about if something is legitimate or not, contact the business or person who sent it via a contact method that is publicly displayed and available - such as their official support form, telephone number, or official support email displayed on their business website. 

Never reuse passwords and use a password manager

Your password, along with 2 Factor Authentication, is the key to your RECUR account across Experiences Powered by RECUR. Whether you’re on platform or off platform with RECUR, it’s a bad idea to reuse your password. Reusing the same password across multiple accounts makes you more vulnerable to account compromise or takeover. A password generator or manager like 1Password can make life easier if you’re worried about remembering your password.

Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication is an additional layer of account identity verification that requires you to respond via a separate account or device to prove you’re you! With RECUR, this additional authentication is required and completed either via SMS or a chosen authenticator application, though other platforms may choose to offer other methods.  You can normally check your provider’s support center to find what options are available.  

Limit smart contract approvals

If you are using MetaMask, setting and frequently reviewing your spending limit when approving transactions can help keep you safe. For the full details of how to set and configure this, MetaMask’s support page can guide you through the process here.