How to Complete Challenges

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Challenges on RECUR allow you to engage in experiences and earn exclusive rewards. Read on to find out how to earn challenge rewards.

Burn or Lock NFTs to Complete Challenges

For each limited-supply challenge, you can burn or lock your NFT(s) to earn a reward.  Burning an NFT means it is gone forever and removed from the overall supply, reducing the total number of collectibles available. When you lock an NFT, it is still in your possession - however it cannot be sold, withdrawn, or used in another challenge while it is locked.

Completing Your Challenge

To complete a challenge, log in to your account on the corresponding Powered by RECUR experience.

Click the Challenges tab in the navigation.

Click on the challenge you want to join and review the requirements. This could involve owning, burning, or locking an NFT.

NFTs that meet the challenge criteria will show as eligible on the challenge screen.  You can select which of your eligible NFT(s) you want to use for the challenge.  If the challenge requires burning, be sure to review every NFT selected before clicking Trade-in. Once the trade is complete, the NFT(s) selected will be irreversibly gone. For locking challenges, be sure you’re prepared to hodl for the duration of the challenge as the NFT will be locked from other platform actions during this time.

Note: Should you encounter any trouble completing your challenge, please reach out to our support team.

Does burning impact the number of NFTs in circulation?

Yes. While the serialized numbers will remain the same, the total count of NFTs will reduce as other fans burn theirs to earn rewards.