Wallet Integration

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RECUR is committed to accessibility and supporting agnosticism in the NFT space. Our wallet integration lets you link your MetaMask wallet directly to your RECUR account in order to gain access to benefits, such as private sale access, while your qualifying token is off platform.

How to connect your MetaMask wallet

If you don't have a MetaMask wallet, please see the article about Setting up MetaMask first.

Once you've setup MetaMask you can connect your MetaMask wallet to your RECUR account by following these steps:

1 Navigate to your Account Settings

Sign into your RECUR account and then click on your avatar at the top right corner of the screen. Select "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu.



2 Click the Integrations tab

Simply click on the "Integrations" tab under the "Account Settings" heading.



3 Click the Connected Wallet button

If nothing happens when you click the "Connect Wallet" button, try refreshing your browser window and make sure your MetaMask is unlocked. 



4 Complete the MetaMask connection process

If your MetaMask app is installed correctly and unlocked you will be prompted to connect with MetaMask after clicking the "Connect Wallet" button. The notifications from the MetaMask chrome extension are shown below.

Click "Next" and then click "Connect". You should briefly see the connection in progress. Once the connection is complete the window will close and immediately thereafter a new MetaMask window should pop up requesting you to sign the message to link your RECUR account. Click the "Sign" button to complete the process. 


If nothing happens when you click "Sign" you may want to restart your browser, clear your browser's temporary internet files, or repeat the steps from an incognito browser session.

5 Confirm it's connected

Your Integrations page will look like this once everything is setup correctly:


For more information about MetaMask you can browse the MetaMask help center which has a lot of additional information you may find helpful.

What data is collected?

Your wallet address is collected and stored only as long as you link your wallet to RECUR. Should you choose to disconnect your wallet, all information received by RECUR will be removed.

You will still have to disconnect directly through MetaMask. You can find the steps on how to complete that here