Product Release Notes 8/26/22

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It’s been an extremely busy week at RECUR. Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Hello Kitty and Friends World debut drop. We’re incredibly excited for new features to come and the friends we’re making along the way. Here’s our latest set of product release notes recapping another week Powered by RECUR.

What’s happening at RECUR? 🚀

  1. Hello Kitty and Friends World is LIVE! 😸Whether you joined us with the help of a Boarding Pass, allowlist code, in the Pass Holder sale, or were lucky enough to scoop from the public drop - the skies are now open and we’re so excited to see Hello Kitty and her friends travel around their new world.


What’s next for Hello Kitty and Friends World? 🛫

Our captain has given the greenlight for take-off and soon we’ll be ready to open up destinations where you can land and collect Stamps! 💮

What are Stamps you ask? Start with the official Hello Kitty and Friends World Travel Guide to read about what you can expect.

And check out the full Hello Kitty and Friends World Travel Blog to stay up to date on all of the excitement on Hello Kitty’s horizon. 🌅

Platform and Experience Updates 🏗

  1. Behind the scenes improvements to our web experiences

Coming Soon™ Recap 🔜

  1. Emoji Forever Drop 💩

    The next drop from RECUR is going to be some real 💩. The OG himself, Barry Dingle, is getting ready to make his debut in the metaverse. But be warned, they kind of have a potty mouth 🚽. We’ll have more details on how you can join the first official emoji™ Forever drop on September 22nd 🔜, but for now sign up for updates on emoji™ Forever and check out our blog for updates directly from Barry himself.

LFG 🚀  🚀  🚀