Product Release Notes 8/19/2022

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Product release notes, Powered by RECUR. Are you ready to read about another week of striving to make Web3 simple? Then read on.

What’s Happening at RECUR? 🚀

  1. Hello Kitty and Friends are coming to OpenSea and it’s going to be a little different than what you might expect. A special batch of Hello Kitty and Friends NFTs will be available as part of a declining price sale. In this type of OpenSea sale prices will start high and slowly decline until the NFT is picked up by a new friend. Confused? We get it, check out the latest Hello Kitty and Friends World™ blog post to learn more about how and when this special event will take place.  

  2. The NFTU Serial Swap Challenge is complete! To help clear the court and open the field for what’s next, we set up two NFTU challenges that let fans select NFTs which met a serial number criteria and swap them for some new collectibles with a higher rarity tier. Commons are less common and more of the originals from Season 1 have been burned. Can you feel it? 🔥 That’s the warmth of glory. Now get ready to see what we have planned for our next lineup.

  3. Smile! 😀 We’ve got some hot 💩incoming! In September, we’re bringing everyone’s favorite method of expression into the metaverse with the first official emoji™ forever NFT drop. More details will be released 🔜.

Platform and Experience Updates 🏗

  1. Improving the check-out modal for drops and sales 🛒
    • Keep your  👀 peeled during our next drop to see refinements to the checkout and order processing details. Our team has been listening and working hard to provide better detail and understanding of what is happening after you’ve begun a purchase. Less confusion, more understanding, and it’s all easier on your eyes. Glasses, not included.  
  2. Updates to RECUR activity feeds 📊
    • Along with the checkout improvements, we’re continuing to refine how activity on the RECUR platform is detailed for users. These improvements will go a long way in helping to process drops, reduce load on our system, and give our users better understanding of when an order successfully completed, did not complete, or is still processing.

Coming Soon™ Recap 🔜

  1. Payment options for NFT withdrawals 🧾
    • We’re working on offering multiple ways to pay for NFT withdrawal fees (gas) rather than needing to hold enough in your MetaMask account in order to process the transaction. How else can we make our platform even more flexible? 🤔
  2. Improved KYC process and verification confirmation 
    • Soon you’ll be able to clearly see your verification level directly from your RECUR account. Signing up for an account requires a level 1 verification but level 2 is where you really want to be. This helps us keep the platform more safe and provides fans with unfettered access to withdrawals and deposits. We’ll let you know when this is live and if you notice you’re not a level 2 verified RECUR user yet, you’ll be able easily complete the remaining steps and power up your profile. 💪


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