Challenges: Stamps and Snapshots

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Stamps are unique to each destination and are earned after traveling with your PFP for 5 days. After collecting 3 Stamps from the same city and rarity - Premium, Rare, or Ultra Rare - you will be able to swap them for a Snapshot of that city location.


You will be unable to purchase Snapshots in the Marketplace. They must be earned by swapping 3 Stamps of the same rarity and city location. 

Once Stamps are swapped, they are destroyed forever.

Snapshots are special location-based PFPs. When applied to your origin PFP, a Snapshot will create a new background for your PFP that reflects the location and rarity of the Stamps you swapped in, with attributes that are different from your origin PFP. So your PFP of Hello Kitty roller skating could be changed out to Hello Kitty listening to music in front of the Opera House!


You can switch between the variations of your PFP between your origin view and any Snapshot you earn! You will not be able to select specific attributes in the view. It is important to note that should you choose to sell your origin PFP, any Snapshot attached to them will also be included in that sale. Once attached you will not be able to remove the Snapshot from one PFP to give it to another PFP.