Product Release Notes 8/12/22

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Product release notes, Powered by RECUR. Are you ready to read about another week of striving to make Web3 simple? Then read on.

What’s Happening at RECUR? 🚀

  1. All aboard the Hello Kitty and Friends World experience! The RECUR Pass marketplace filter for the Hello Kitty and Friends World allowlist is live. Check your Passes to see if they’re eligible and see what’s around to scoop so you can reserve your seat for Hello Kitty and Friends globetrotting adventure! Check the Hello Kitty allowlist details on the marketplace.
  2. Hello Kitty and Friends World is coming very soon, read up on the details for next allowlist and specifics on how you can join the adventure by checking out the latest update from our blog.
  3. It was live, it was real, and it was awesome. Max Bruch and Paul Martin opened up their ears and loosened their lips a bit so they could answer the community's questions, AMA style, in our Discord this week. Join the Discord and keep up with the community to catch our next live event and other fun stuff.
  4. RECUR needs your help getting a panel at SXSW! Zach Bruch (World’s Best CEO, or that’s what his mug says) needs your vote so we can host a session about Bringing the Masses to Web3. He’ll be joined by a few executives from RECUR’s branded experience partners and discuss how established brands are starting to enter the metaverse. Follow this link to learn more and VOTE for a Web3 panel powered by RECUR.

Platform and Experience Updates 🏗

  1. Lot’s of behind the scenes updates and preparations 🤫 to help Hello Kitty and FriendsTM land 🛬

Coming Soon™ Recap 🔜

  1. Is your Care Badge ready? The first Care Bears Forever challenge kicks-off this upcoming Monday (8/15). If you received a Care Badge, you’ll soon be able to share your Care Bear to help fill the Sharing Meter and earn your very own mysterious Care Chest. Don’t have a Care Badge, but still want to compete in the first challenge? Check the Care Bears Forever Marketplace to see if anyone has listed one they’re willing to share.
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  2. NFTU Season 2 is heading closer to kick-off. Here’s a recap of what we shared from this week Fans of the Game episode from our Discord
    • More off-season utility is coming! We’ve got tickets to the Las Vegas Summer League games, rewards and prizes from other RECUR experiences, autographed memorabilia and ceremonial Discord roles coming  🔜
    • New Serial Swap challenge for Season 1 Tip-Off Series NFTs 🔁
    • Collection scores for users to help you compare, contrast and compete with your fellow fans 🏅
    • Confirming NFTU Season 2 is Football season 🏈

LFG 🚀  🚀  🚀