Product Release Notes 7/29/22

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Time flies when you’re building for Web3, but we’re far from the finish line and excited to share more updates coming from RECUR this week. There’s a few new drops we’ve been preparing for and some updates that will make both Pass Holders and general RECUR enthusiasts both feel wow this week.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this community. We always say it at the end, but what the heck, LFG frens!

What’s Happening at RECUR? 🚀

  1. Nickelodeon Mashups are now available! 
    There were 5,000 Slime and in two hours, they were gone. You came, you saw and you made our Splat Factory run! And now, today, Mashups are ready to be created. The recipe for an original Nickelodeon Mashup is 10 Slime, do you have what it takes? Or do you need to visit the Marketplace?

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  2. Care Bears allowlist filter for RECUR Passes is live!
    You say bear market. We say Care Bear Market! The Care Bears Forever allowlist is the earliest opportunity to participate in the first Care Bears NFT drop.
    RECUR Pass Holders with the proper Passes will receive code(s) for each Pass that qualifies and is held in their wallet by the snapshot date.
    If you’re interested in picking up your first, second or tenth RECUR Pass, check out the Passes currently available that qualify for the Care Bears Forever allowlist by using this Marketplace filter we’ve set up.

Platform and Experience Updates 🏗

  1. Lowered Cash Out minimum to $75 for wire transfer withdrawals
    Making Web3 accessible isn’t easy, but it’s our objective. We’re working around the clock with some of the best minds in the business to always find extra inches and opportunities to make our platform better for users.
    This week we finalized and enabled the ability to let users cash out from their RECUR wallets via wire transfer at a lower minimum of $75.

Coming Soon™ Recap 🔜

  1. Care Bears OpenSea Auction
    Are you ready for a hug that will last forever? The Care Bears Forever collection is debuting on OpenSea with eight super special Care Bear NFTs on August 2nd starting at 2pm ET.
    More details on the OpenSea auction can be read in our blog post.
  2. Hello Kitty and Friends World is cleared for landing this August
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