Product Release Notes 7/22/22

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What a week! OpenSea, Nickelodeon, and more coming πŸ”œ 

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Nickelodeon NFT drop and has continued to show their love for the characters we grew up with. Our team, platform, and community are growing faster than the metaverse can expand. And with every successful release, we learn. Stay tuned to product release updates, our Discord, and our Twitter to keep track of what we’re working on.

Platform and Experience Updates πŸ—

  1. dropped, sold out and catapulted to the very top of the 24 hour OpenSea trading volume. Total volume on OpenSea so far 1.4k+ ETH 🀩

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  2. The KYC verification price threshold for NFT withdrawals is officially higher ! πŸ™Œ

Feel like self-custodying your NFT? Curious about marketplaces like OpenSea? We know!

KYC is now only required prior to NFT withdrawals above a certain threshold in order to keep RECUR safe 🦺. Better, faster, stronger, RECUR!

A quicker and more seamless withdrawal process for everyone πŸš€

Coming SoonTM Recap πŸ”œ


The Splat Factory is up next. 🏭πŸ§ͺ

Check your Slime Score by viewing your NFT’s attributes. Then on July 26th, you can decide who you want to Slime to start earning your way towards an original Nickelodeon Mashup NFT.


Please note: In order to Slime an NFT, you will need to have it deposited into your collection. For more details on withdrawing and depositing your NFTs check out our Help Center article.

Prepare to Stare on August 4th and tell your friends to create an account today! 🧸


Read our latest announcement, check out our Discord, and follow the official Care Bears NFT Twitter to stay up to speed.

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