Hello Kitty and Friends World™ Pass Holder Allowlist Information

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Which Pass attributes qualify for the allowlist?

Learn how to secure a spot for the Hello Kitty and Friends World™ allowlist! You’ll receive one allowlist code for each eligible RECUR Pass you hold during the snapshot. The snapshot will occur on August 23rd at 12 pm ET.

Each allowlist code gives you guaranteed access to purchase one suitcase pack! 

To qualify for an allowlist code, your Pass must meet at least one of the following two criteria groups:

Criteria 1

Passes that have all of: 

  1. Most Occurring Color = pink OR red
  2. Digit Sum is less than or equal to 22 OR Color Set = dichrome or trichrome


Criteria 2

Passes that have any of: 

  1. Most Occurring Color = neutral or mixed, with 2x pink and 2x red 
  2. Digit Sum = 1, 2, 41 or 42 
  3. Color Set = monochrome 
  4. Longest Sequence is greater than or equal to 4 
  5. Properties = unity, zero, pi, cube, binary, perfect, or fibonacci
  6. Pass Number = 37 or 73

For example, if you hold a Most Occurring Color of Red with a Digit Sum 22 Pass AND a Monochrome Pass in your RECUR Wallet on August 23 at 12 PM ET, you’ll receive two allowlist codes for those two qualifying Passes.

If you hold an eligible Pass during the snapshot, you will receive your code(s) on August 24th before the allowlist sale begins.