Product Release Notes 7/15/22

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It’s a special week for everyone at RECUR as we bear down and prepare for the upcoming Nickelodeon Pass Holder and Public Sale drops. We’ll be back to announcing platform releases, updates to our existing experiences and some exciting new features soon. For now we’re busy, busy, busy building and hard at work ensuring every fan and NFT enthusiast is treated to a seamless drop.

Platform and Experience Updates 🏗

  • Preparing a Care Bear Forever Allowlist filter for the RECUR Pass Marketplace
    • Just like Nickelodeon, RECUR Pass Holders can look forward to an exclusive Allowlist for Care Bears Forever NFTs. Fans who hold an eligible RECUR Pass by the Allowlist Snapshot will receive a code that can be used to scoop an upcoming Caring Chest 24 hours before anyone else.
    • A filter to view Passes available on the secondary market that meet the Allowlist criteria will be live soon, so keep checking the RECUR Pass Marketplace for a chance to slip onto the Allowlist. 
  • Nickelodeon NFT Auction is ready for OpenSea! Check us out on the Notable Drops from the homepagemceclip0.png

    12 Exclusive NFTs for Auction, 1 of each character from the upcoming drops and every winner receives a Nickelodeon NFT Pack from the official drop, plus more! 

    Check it out: Nickelodeon Auction on OpenSea

Coming SoonTM Recap 🔜

  1. The Drop is ALMOST here ⏰
    • Whitelist Pass Holder Sale: 7/18
    • All Pass Holder Sale: 7/19 1pm ET
    • Public Sale: 7/19 2pm ET 
  2. Care Bears Forever Coming August 4th 🧸mceclip1.png
    Read the announcement, check out our Discord and follow the official Care Bears NFT Twitter to stay up to speed.


    LFG 🚀  🚀  🚀 

    Team RECUR