How do I Slime my Characters and what can I do with it?

  • Updated

Every character from the main drop will have a Slime Score attribute of one, two, three, four, five, or ten. You can see your character's Slime Score listed along with its other attributes when you view it in your Collection or when you view an NFT listed on the marketplace. An NFTs Slime Score reflects the number of Slime you can receive if you choose to Slime your character to compete in community challenges starting on July 26th.

There are only 5,000 Slime available and it’ll take 10 Slime to unlock a rare and original character Mashup from the Splat Factory. Slime from the first drop cannot be used in future seasons.

With 5,000 Slime and a 10 Slime requirement for Mashup, there will only be 500 total character Mashups to collect!

*Only NFTs from the main drop will be available to Slime. NFTs from the OpenSea auction DO NOT have a Slime Score and cannot be traded in for Slime.