What are the details for the first drop?

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Rugrats and Hey Arnold! will be the first two shows minted on Nickelodeon.xyz with six classic and familiar characters from each. There will be a limited inventory of 10,000 character PFPs for sale, each one completely unique and priced at $50 in a sealed pack. Sealed packs can be held and resold without being opened. An additional 500 packs are reserved for marketing, community, and other uses and are not for sale.

The public sale begins on July 19th at 2pm ET, with a one hour early access period for all RECUR Pass Holders on July 19th at 1pm ET. Plus, there will be a special whitelist sale on July 18th for RECUR Pass Holders who were eligible during the July 12th snapshot.

To learn more about eligibility and the Nickelodeon whitelist see here.