Product Release Notes 7/8/22

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Always be releasing. That's the name of the game at RECUR. We try not to brag but we're invested in building for our community and improving transparency. While some updates may feel a bit more exciting than others, we want to make sure you know about it all. Keep reading to see what we've been working on this week.

Platform and Experience Updates

Behind the scenes and under the radar improvements to our system 🏗

  • Advanced customer search. Customer support and security is at the forefront of our considerations. We’re improving our internal team’s ability to search customer information to provide assistance and help to identify and prevent fraud.

Coming Soon™ Recap

  1.  Nickelodeon NFTs on OpenSea

    On July 15th, 12 exclusive Nickelodeon NFTs will be auctioned on OpenSea, the bidding starts at $50 priced in ETH.


    The 12 winning bids will receive the exclusive costumed Nickelodeon NFT character plus a grand bundle including a physical piece of Nickelodeon artwork, an additional free Nickelodeon NFT pack from the upcoming drop, and a free RECUR Pass!

    Full details on the OpenSea auction can be read here.

  2. Drop


    Whitelisted RECUR Pass Holders should prepare for their special drop on July 18th at 11am ET. 

    The full Pass Holder sale will begin at 1pm ET on July 19th and Public Sale will start shortly after at 2pm ET on the same day.

    Fill your wallet, grab your remote and reminisce with official classic Nickelodeon NFTs.

  3. Care Bears Forever Announced

    It’s fur real. Care Bears Forever is the next NFT drop after Nickelodeon.


    This incoming care package is ready to remind us that we’re all gonna make it. Bear market or not, RECUR is just revving up.

    More details will be released soon, check out our Discord and official Care Bears NFT Twitter to stay up to speed.

    LFG 🚀  🚀  🚀 

    Team RECUR