Product Release Notes 7/1/22

  • Updated

Always be releasing. That's the name of the game at RECUR. We try not to brag but we're invested in building for our community and improving transparency. While some updates may feel a bit more exciting than others, we want to make sure you know about it all. Keep reading to see what we've been working on this week.

Platform and Experience Updates

  1. RECUR is now tracking royalties for its collections across the most well known Marketplaces 🏪

    Crediting creators is something that we’ve believed in from the beginning. It was one small step to OpenSea and now we’re continuing to expand and collect. Withdraw, trade, and take your RECUR NFTs to the Marketplaces and chains you love most, all while ensuring the artists are credited at every step. 

    LooksRare is live for tracking royalties

    NFTrade is live for tracking royalties


  2. Cade Cunningham Signed Basketball Giveaway 🏀

    A lucky member of our Discord took home another prize from our latest NFTU giveaway. If you see them in the Discord, give RudyGrobeard a high five and ask to see their dunk.


  3. AMA Recap: Making of the Nickelodeon NFT Art 👨‍🎨

    Casey Hupke, one of our Creative Directors, joined us in Discord to give a behind the scenes look into how he and his team developed Rugrats and Hey Arnold! PFPs and brought the Splat Factory to life. 

    Hot notes:
    • Some PFPs will have rare animated traits with special visual effects
    • We’ll see new moments like Helga without her bow or Arnold without his hat
    • PFPs will have Slime scores, similar to a rarity score, which will be important for gamification 👀
    • Casey and his team had considerable creative freedom and were able to innovate with the artwork
    • Accidents can happen in factories and worlds may collide…? 💥

      Full recap for fans here.
  4. Behind the scenes and under the radar improvements to our system 🏗 
    • Experimenting with NFT staking
    • Improving royalty reporting for partners
    • NFTU has been burning hot, so we’re updating drop tables on our website to acknowledge which NFTs are remaining by their serial number
  5. Miscellaneous 🧪 
    • Searching hardware stores, trying to figure out where Tommy got that sweet screwdriver 🪛
    • Preparing for a staring contest 👀