Product Release Notes 6/24/22

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NFT NYC was unreal. Our team was stoked to meet fans, speak to the community, and feel the excitement we all share for blockchain and NFTs. While a few of our leaders and builders had a chance to take a bite out of the big apple, the rest of the team continued bearing down what we do best, releasing.

Platform and Experience Updates

  1. NFTU’s Marketplace Live Feed is ALIVE! πŸ™Œ
    Check out the new NFTU homepage to see our Live Feed showcasing traders in all of their glory. The court is on fire πŸ”₯

  2. NFTU Draft Day is here πŸ‰

    Draft Day is the moment every college athlete dreams of. Every pass, every play, and every moment adds up to their hope of going pro.

    To celebrate and honor the athletes from the first NFTU season we’ve released a special series of players who made it to the draft or have a real chance in 2022.
    • New Draft Day Flex Cases featuring mixed rarities
    • Two new Featured Challenges
      • On the Clock
      • Draft Day Trade
    • Six new Athlete NFT designs
    • Full details here

  3. NFT NYC was dope
    • You could almost taste the slime in the air as you walked into the Splat Factory. We partnered with Polygon Studios to take over Arcadia Earth and create an immersive experience! (Spoiler: Zach & Max got to hang with Steve Aoki!) 
    • The 90s Called: RECUR and Nickelodeon showed up decked in denim and singing the Backstreet Boys to the β€˜90s Forever After Party
    • Throwback to the fun

  4. Behind the scenes and under the radar improvements to our system πŸ—
    • Preparing an improved checkout flow across our experiences, coming πŸ”œ
    • Testing new challenge features
    • Coordinating Nickelodeon's NFT debut, sign up for updates

  5. Miscellaneous πŸ§ͺ
    • Texting Steve Aoki πŸ“±
    • Binging old Nickelodeon shows πŸ“Ί
    • You can now sort RECUR Passes by their Nickelodeon White List eligibility! 🧹

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