Product Release Notes 6/17/22

  • Updated

It’s been a busy week building and preparing for our next project drops planned for this summer, so our release notes are lighter than usual. Worry not, we’ll be lifting the curtain on a lot of exciting projects, releases, and platform updates soon™️. For now forgive us and our intern, who’s currently working on their tan, and stay tooned for what’s ahead.

Platform and Experience Updates

  1. It’s official, Rugrats and Hey Arnold! are dropping with the help of RECUR this Summer! 

  2. We made some minor improvements to credit card payment input fields 🛠

  3. NFTU Draft Day is June 23rd 🏉
    • The day to dream is almost upon us, who are we picking up?
    • More details on Draft Day and what’s coming up here.
  4. Behind the scenes and under the radar improvements to our system 🏗 
    • Updates and new features being tested in staging
    • Finalizing Marketplace Live Feed work for NFTU
  5. Miscellaneous 🧪 
    • Resetting our wifi-router
    • Herding cats
    • Drafting a RECUR Pass Holder whitelist 🤫

LFG 🚀  🚀  🚀