Product Release Notes 6/3/22

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Always be releasing. That's the name of the game at RECUR. We try not to brag but we're invested in building for our community and improving transparency. While some updates may feel a bit more exciting than others, we want to make sure you know about it all. Keep reading to see what we've been working on this week.

Platform and Experience Updates

  1. Top Gun: Maverick Pass Holder Reward 🪂
    • Can you spot the special NFT that eligible Star Trek™ Continuum Pass Holders received?
    • Zalarus Helmets have landed and these beauties are reserved for Pass Holders who minted during the limited time Star Trek Continuum drop.
    • If you just need to add this to your Collection, we get it. Check out our OpenSea ETH and MATIC storefronts.
  2. Calling all Captains and Admirals! Sealed Packs from Star Trek Continuum can now be re-sold 📦
    • If you resisted the temptation to reveal your Starship Class you can now onboard new Captains and Admirals with sealed pack trading.
  3. Top Gun: Maverick codes are still on their way from some theaters 🛫
    • Celebratory NFTs for folks who saw the special screening of Top Gun: Maverick are being redeemed, celebrated, and traded. Some theaters are still distributing codes so if you haven’t received yours, please contact the theater you attended for more information.
    • If you’re experiencing an issue redeeming your code, contact RECUR Support.
    • And let’s give it up for Tom Cruise, the rest of the cast, and the entire crew of Top Gun: Maverick! A 97% on Rotten Tomatoes is nothing to turn your wings up at.
  4. New NFTU Challenges ⚔️
    • Backcourt Buckets: Keep your Commons coming. This week you can earn a Premium Carmelo, Buddy Hield, or Trey Murphy III. A Premium opportunity to level up from your Common NFTs.
    • Chance of More Rain: It’s raining Commons, but for how long? The burn continues to help you earn a Premium Ja Morant, John Collins or TJ Warren.
    • Road to Glory: See the pattern? Commons on Commons prepared you for the Road to Glory. Now, you can burn your freshly minted Premiums for a clear shot at a Rare Ja Morant.
  5. Star Trek™: Continuum Starship Poll Results 🖖
    • 330 in favor of the 2:1 Constitution swap and 94 in favor of the in-game reward option.
    • To the victors, congratulations and get ready to swap.
  6. Miscellaneous 🧪
    • Added minor improvements to Cash Out
    • Enrolling in online classes for self defense against bears 
    • Preparing to release a live Marketplace trading feed for NFTU 🔜, no big deal…mceclip2.png

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