How to Create a RECUR Account to Redeem a Top Gun: Maverick Ticket

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Before we Begin

In order to successfully complete the steps to create your account, you'll need to have the following:

  • an idea for a display name
  • a valid, accessible email address
  • a valid, accessible phone number capable of receiving SMS codes (data and message rates may apply)

Note: You do not need a wallet to create an account and RECUR will provide you with a wallet upon account creation.  For more information about why RECUR utilizes our own wallet, see our article here.

Creating your Account

To create your account from the Top Gun: Maverick redemption page, follow the below steps.

First, enter your redemption code in the Enter Code box and click REGISTER:


Next, enter your email, choose and verify your password, and click SIGN UP:


You will receive a verification code in your email.  Retrieve the code, enter it in the code box, and click VERIFY:


Next, if applicable, change the country drop down shown below and then enter your phone number and click CONFIRM:


You will receive a SMS text message.  Enter the code you've received and click CONFIRM:


Finally, fill out the last few details to finish the setup of your account and click FINISH:

  • Your Country of Residence
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Display Name