Product Release Notes 5/20/22

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Always be releasing. That's the name of the game at RECUR. We try not to brag but we're invested in building for our community and improving transparency. While some updates may feel a bit more exciting than others, we want to make sure you know about it all. Keep reading to see what we've been working on this week.

Platform and Experience Updates 

  1. Sealed Case Trading went live for NFTU
    • Give your diamond hands a rest and start listing sealed NFTU Cases on the NFTU secondary market. Unseal some new deals and take advantage of being an early adopter.
    • Read the full announcement here.
  2. Successfully completed Platform System Upgrade during server maintenance across experiences
    • Better, faster, stronger and even more stable.
  3. Two new NFTU Challenges are live
    • Battle of the Ages: Burn more of your Commons for a shot at Premium Ja Morant, Premium John Collins or Premium T.J. Warren.
    • Glowing in the Limelight: Level up and burn Premiums and Premium Challenge Tickets for a shot at a Rare Blake Griffin or Rare T.J. Leaf.
  4.  Support for AVAX is coming to RECUR
    • We’re preparing to enable support for RECUR NFTs on Avalanche (AVAX) , a young L1 with a budding community and a hunger for NFTs.
    • Read the full announcement here.
  5. 25% NFTU Inventory Burn
    • Burn baby burn. 25% of the NFTU Season 1 unopened, unsold Common and Premium inventory is being destroyed via a programmed burn. 
    • Check the product detail pages of NFTs to check the impact on circulating supply. Commons just got a lot less common.
  6. RECUR Open API doc updates
    • Added endpoint for users to fetch Challenges information.
    • Added brand key for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick experience
    • Check out the API Docs here.
  7. Miscellaneous
    • Minor fixes to KYC Verification
    • Updates to Product Detail Pages
    • Squashed some Challenge bugs

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