How to Capture a HTTP Archive (HAR) file in Chrome

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When technical issues are occurring Support may need your assistance gathering logs from your browser to help understand the issue you are experiencing.  One type of log is a HTTP Archive file, which will save with a .HAR extension.  This is also called a HAR file. A HAR file is a downloadable export of data from your browser that shows what happened in your browser while you were recording data.

To capture a HAR file, you will need to open developer tools, ensure you’re recording, repeat the steps you were following when you received the error, export the file, and send it to RECUR Support.  To do this in Chrome, follow the below steps. 

  1. Make your Chrome browser window full screen.

  2. Click on the more menu  mceclip0.png in the upper right, hover over more tools, and click Developer Tools:

  3. This will open a window that looks like this:

  4. Select the network tab.

  5. Verify that the Record dot is red in the upper left of this frame.  If it is not red, click it once to start recording.

  6. Check the Preserve log box.  This will allow logs to continue collecting should the webpage refresh during this process.

  7. Repeat the steps you were trying when you received the error.

  8. Once you have received the applicable error, stop recording by clicking the red dot, which will turn gray.

  9. Export the logs you have just captured by clicking the underlined down arrow.

  10. You will be prompted to save the file on your machine - remember the location and name you give the file.

  11. Respond to the email from RECUR support and attach this log as a file.