Product Release Notes 5/13/22

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Another week, another set of Product Release Notes we’re sharing with the community to offer a peek under the hood. At RECUR, our philosophy is; always be releasing, but we try not to brag. While some weeks will be a little more exciting than others, below you can read the details on what’s happening with RECUR this week.

Platform and Experience Updates 5/13/22

  1. UX updates have been made to the NFTU website
    • We’re emphasizing Challenges and excited to see the community continue to take them on.
  2. Three new NFTU Challenges launched this week
  3. NFTU Deposits and Withdrawals are enabled for users
  4. Working on Discord Integration  
    • We’re working on bringing RECUR Accounts (and NFTs) into our Discord community. 
    • This will allow users to verify and connect their identities in RECUR with their Discord profiles and kick-off exclusive events, channels and contests for NFT holders.

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