Product Release Notes 5/6/22

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Product Release Notes

We want to start giving our community a peek under the hood. At RECUR, our philosophy is; always be releasing, but we try not to brag. While some weeks will be a little more exciting than others, below you can read the details on what’s happening with RECUR this week.

Platform and Experience Updates 5/6/22

  1. Updated the quantity selector on drop cards so that a fan does not have to go to the Product Detail Page (PDP) to buy multiple quantities of NFTs 

  2. Replaced the background image on NFTU so that it is fixed in place as fans scroll allowing content to flow over the background

  3. Updated the navigation bar on NFTU to a fixed position for faster navigation between pages

  4. A new component has been added to the PDP to display NFT circulation count data - view how many of an NFT are burned via challenges, owned by collectors, or still in packs

  5. A cleaner look for the NFTU landing page with an emphasis on dynamic content: carousels showcase top marketplace items, the latest drops, and our All New Feature “NFTU Challenges”. Check it out on mobile!

  6. Improved information density across screen sizes and devices for easier access to the most important information on screen

  7. Added shortcut links to attributes on the Product Detail Pages (PDP) to allow fans to navigate to the Marketplace with filters preset to the selected attributes

  8. Updated the hero images on the NFTU landing page and Collect Now page

  9. Fix: Tapping an NFT from the For Sale tab of My Collection now takes the fan to the exact serialized Product Detail Page selected for that NFT rather than to the unserialized page

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