How to verify your NFT on Twitter

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Verifying NFT ownership on Twitter is a new feature that helps you demonstrate true ownership of your NFT pfp and allows you to display it as in a hexagonal format to distinguish your pfp as a verified NFT you own.

To access this feature you’ll need to be a Twitter Blue paid subscriber. This service costs $3 a month in the United States and has now rolled out to Australia, Canada and New Zealand with additional support expected. To sign up for Twitter Blue click “more” to access your expanded Twitter Menu and select “ Twitter Blue”. 


This will activate a prompt to sign up for Twitter Blue and enter your payment information for $3 per month.



Please note that NFT verification on Twitter is currently only available on iOS with plans to support Android in the future.

After you’ve signed up for Twitter Blue, sign in with an iOS device and then in the Twitter app, go to your profile, and you will be prompted with a notification about setting your profile picture to an NFT.

If you do not automatically receive the notification you can try going to a profile of someone who already uses an NFT in this way. Then do the following:

Tap on Choose NFT and then on Connect my wallet.

Choose the wallet that contains your NFTs, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet and Rainbow 

(if you’re trying to connect with an unsupported wallet, you won’t be able to upload and verify your NFT).

You'll be redirected to your wallet and asked to connect your wallet to Twitter.

Once the connection is made, you should see your gallery of NFTs.

Choose your NFT and resize it as necessary.

Click on Done to add the NFT as your profile picture.

Your profile picture will now be in a hexagonal shape, demonstrating to others that it is a verified NFT that you own. And if a user clicks to expand your profile picture, your entire NFT will display.

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