Funding your MATIC Mainnet Account

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Before you can deposit a RECUR NFT stored on Polygon you’ll need to have a small amount of MATIC to pay the fee to burn the token in Metamask and mint it to your RECUR Wallet.

If you don’t have any MATIC in your Mainnet account, you can bridge MATIC from your Ethereum Mainnet account in Metamask using the Polygon Wallet and Bridge.

First go to

Click on Connect to a Wallet in the upper right corner


Click on one of the supported wallets that you have MATIC in on the Ethereum chain. In this example we’ll be using MetaMask.


After you’ve selected the wallet you want to connect with, you’ll be prompted to approve the connection and if accepted, you’ll return to the homepage with your wallet logged in.

Click on Polygon Bridge, the second card of the four on screen, and use the next screen to bridge your MATIC to Polygon Mainnet.


From here you can select Matic Token from the drop down below the Ethereum chain.

Make sure you’re on Deposit. In this instance you’re depositing MATIC from the Ethereum chain into your Polygon Mainnet wallet.


You’ll see several confirmation screens with gas fee estimates. You are responsible for the ETH gas fees necessary to perform this transaction. If you approve of the fees, click confirm and continue with bridging your MATIC.

Keep in mind, when you begin the process to bridge you’ll need to perform two transactions.

  1. To connect the account and sign the wallet
  2. To confirm the deposit and finalize it

Both of these fees will be outlined and the final gas fee estimate displayed in your Metamask account is what you should adhere to.

After you’ve confirmed the deposit it can take 10 - 15 minutes to finalize the transaction on the Ethereum chain. You can view the transaction from the link to the Etherscan on the processing state from the Polygon Bridge.


Etherscan Overview of confirmation


With MATIC successfully bridged to the Mainnet you can now use it from your Metamask account to deposit your NFTs back into your RECUR Wallet.