I received the error “Internal Error JSON RPC” when depositing an NFT

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In some instances you may run into an error when depositing an NFT in your RECUR Wallet that’s caused by the deposit being finalized.

The error message will state: Internal Error JSON RPC 

If you’re receiving the Internal Error JSON RPC message this is because you might be attempting to deposit an NFT that’s already being deposited, but simply has not been finalized.

Below are some steps you can take to verify the status of your deposit:

  • Refresh your browser 
  • Check on the status of your transaction on the blockchain. When you initiate the deposit you will see a truncated source address on the deposit summary modal that you can click to see the blockchain explorer for your wallet.
  • You can also do this by going to Polygon Explorer directly to see your transaction in process and the progress it’s made.
  •  After you’ve landed on the Polygon Explorer website enter your wallet address in the search bar at the top of the page to see all transactions from your wallet.
  • Select ERC-721 Token Txns in the sub menu to see your NFT txns

Polygon Explorer Homepage


Transactions from a Wallet Address on the Polygon Explorer


Select the Txn Hash for your deposit and open the detail screen


From here you’ll be able to observe the Status of your deposit on the Polygon chain, ensure your transaction is activated from your MetaMask Wallet and see the activity in the Transaction Action to confirm the burn and transfer of your NFT, which re-deposits it back into your RECUR wallet.

After confirming your transaction was successful on the Polygon Explorer, check your deposit histories in Metamask and RECUR. Please note, RECUR waits for a transaction to reach 100 confirmations before updating the it’s history. If you see a successful transaction on the Explorer, but not in your Account Activity, wait until it’s reached 100 confirmations and check again.

Check your Metamask history: when the deposit has completed your activity will update to demonstrate that the deposit has been confirmed from your Web3 wallet

Check your RECUR Activity history: this will update when the deposit has been confirmed by your RECUR wallet, signifying the transaction is final

Deposits can take up to a few minutes and your history will not update until the transaction is final and confirmed.