Why did my NFT Withdrawal or Deposit fail?

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Withdrawal Failure

If your RECUR NFT fails to withdraw make sure you selected the correct chain. If you’re withdrawing on Polygon there will be no transaction fee (gas) paid on your side, this is covered by RECUR.

If you’re attempting to withdraw on Ethereum, you’ll need to make sure you have a balance in your wallet to cover the gas fee. If your balance is lower than the required fee, you can Top Off your RECUR Wallet to add up to $250 to your RECUR balance at a time.


Deposit Failure

Before you deposit a RECUR NFT, select the chain where your NFT currently resides in your MetaMask wallet. Be sure you’ve selected the correct Metamask network where your NFTs are currently held.

After you’ve selected the appropriate Metamask network and chain you wish to deposit on, you’ll need to approve the transaction via Metamask. Be aware this all takes place in a separate window and that you are responsible for the gas fees on any chain you’re depositing from. 

Your transaction can fail if you do not have the funds to cover the gas fee and you’ll need to pay extra attention to every prompt and signature approval.