Setting up MetaMask

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MetaMask is a Web3 non-custodial wallet that’s easy for users and allows you to take advantage of withdrawing and depositing NFTs on the RECUR platform.

To set up Metamask, start by going to and install the application using your web browser (most users have noted Chrome provides the best performance, but you have options). MetaMask is also available on iOS and Android, but the web extension is the most widely used function.

After you’ve visited, clicked download and selected your preferred install (browser, mobile device type) you’ll be redirected to the associated app store to install like any other web extension or mobile application. 

When your installation is complete, open the application to trigger a Fox face, welcome message and click the Get Started button to take the next step.



You’ll be prompted with two options; Import an existing wallet or Create a new wallet.

If you have a secret recovery phrase from another wallet you’ve set up, click Import and enter your recovery phrase. DO NOT share it with anyone, enter it, import your original wallet and you’re all set.

If you do not have an existing wallet, or you just want to create a new one, click Create a Wallet.



You’ll be prompted to opt-in to analytics to improve MetaMask. Accept or deny them to move on.

Next you’ll be asked to create a password for your MetaMask wallet. It must be a minimum of 8 characters and make it secure. As long as your web extension or application stays live, the password will be the security function to access your wallet, keep this secure. Agree to MetaMask ToC to move on and officially create your new MetaMask web3 wallet.



The next screen will include important information regarding your secret recovery phrase and it includes a 1:30 video that’s worth watching if you’re unfamiliar with the concept.

Bottomline; write down your secret recovery phrase. Keep this in a safe and secure place. Do not share it with anyone. Do not store a digital photo or copy of your secret recovery phrase in a system that could be hacked or accessed. This key can recover your account if you lose access, but in the wrong hands, it can give anyone complete control over your account too.

The next screen will hold your secret recovery phrase behind a blurred cover which you can click to reveal. If you’re not ready to save your recovery phrase during setup, you can access it later via Settings in your account.



After you confirm you’ve saved your phrase or opted to save it later, your next screen will show your new MetaMask wallet live and with 0 ETH. To start interacting with the blockchain, purchase some ETH or send some you already have to fund your wallet and start paying gas fees.



MetaMask Chrome Setup: