How do I withdraw my RECUR NFTs?

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Please refer to this article for the most up-to-date list of features available in each experience.

To Withdraw your RECUR NFT, follow these steps:

1First, navigate to the NFT you wish to withdraw and click Withdraw.

2Select the blockchain (Ethereum, Polygon, or Avalanche) that you wish to withdraw your NFT to.

3Retrieve your wallet receipt address from your wallet of choice, being sure it is the address for the blockchain (Ethereum, Avalanche, or Polygon) that you chose in the prior step.

It is extremely likely that you will want some balance of the blockchain's native gas token stored in the withdrawal destination wallet address. On Ethereum this means having an ETH balance. On Polygon this means having a MATIC balance on the Polygon blockchain. On Avalanche this means having an AVAX balance on the Avalanche blockchain.

4Paste or enter your wallet address. (Triple check that this matches - once the transaction is sent, it is irreversible.)

5You will be presented with a screen showing the destination blockchain, your wallet address, and the transaction fees which can be paid with either your RECUR wallet balance or a stored credit card. At this time, withdrawing to Polygon or Avalanche incurs no additional fees, but ETH fees will be charged in accordance with current gas prices - clicking confirm means you consent to the withdrawal fees being charged to  your chosen payment method. Be sure to confirm all information on this screen is accurate and acceptable.

If the transaction fee drops below $1 you will be charged the minimum $1 credit card transaction amount when paying with credit card.

6You will then enter the payment process to pay the withdrawal fee. Note: Only RECUR Wallet balances and credit cards are supported at this time.You cannot pay this fee with crypto. 

Once submitted, you will receive confirmation that the withdrawal is processing. To view the time to completion, click View Activity and you’ll be redirected to your account activity to track the progress of your withdrawal.


You can click on your Wallet address in the Activity feed to be redirected to the blockchain explorer of the network you’ve selected to see the blockchain progress in realtime.