How to Deposit RECUR NFTs

  • Updated

RECUR requires you to follow the steps below to deposit RECUR NFTs through our user interface. NFTs sent directly to any RECUR crypto address outside of our user interface, including our Smart Contract Address, will not be retrieved and are considered permanently lost. For more information on NFT Withdrawals and Deposits, please see our NFT Withdrawal and Deposit FAQs.

To deposit your NFT back into your RECUR Wallet follow these steps:

1Sign into your RECUR account

Sign into the experience to which you would like to make your deposit. If you attempt to deposit an NFT for one experience from a different experience you will receive an error message.


2Navigate to your collection

You can click on the direct link or click on your avatar and then select "My Collection" from the dropdown menu:



3Deposit NFT

Click the "Deposit NFT" button:



4Select Network

Select the chain where your NFT currently resides:



5Connect Your MetaMask Wallet

Click on the "Connect" button to connect your MetaMask wallet. For more about this you can refer to Setting up MetaMask.


6Select an NFT to Deposit

Select the NFT you would like to deposit and click "Confirm Selection":



You will then receive a confirmation indicating your transaction is processing.

Please refer to this article to confirm whether or not the experience supports deposits.