What are the Drop details for Season 0?

  • Updated

The Star Trek Continuum sale will take place for 24 hours only on April 9th 2022 starting at 11am EST, and the cost per pack for both the general public and RECUR Pass holders will be $250. Packs will be ready to open immediately after purchase from your Collection, and each pack holds 1 Starship. Up to 5 packs can be purchased in a single transaction and up to 500 packs can be held by an account. 

To purchase a pack you’ll need to visit StarTrek.xyz on April 9th, starting at 11am EST, and have your RECUR account setup with a payment method ready. RECUR supports purchase with cryptocurrencies (USDC, BTC, ETH, and more), Apple Pay or debit/credit card (Visa and Mastercard, no prepaids) or an existing RECUR Balance. 

20,000 packs will be available for sale and an additional 10% of the inventory sold will be reserved for the in-game rewards and other exciting activities. The maximum capacity for Season 0 is set at 22,000 Starships.

There will never be more of these designs created and the minting window will only be open for 24 hours. 5,000 Starships will be reserved for RECUR Pass holders in the Admiral pack consisting of Constitution and Constitution refit class Starships, while 15,000 will be available for the general audience in Captain packs, featuring all 6 Starship classes with varying drop odds. To see your drop odds for each pack check out the Drop Odds page to learn more.