How do I verify my account?

  • Updated

If RECUR Customer Support has requested that you verify your identity, use the best practices outlined below to successfully ID verify your account.  

Best Practices for Successful ID Verification: 

  • Have your government issued ID handy.
  • Phone cameras generally produce higher quality images than webcam cameras.
  • Wipe your camera to prevent a blurry photo and ensure it produces the clearest photo.
  • Ensure you utilize indirect light to avoid glare or backlighting. 
  • Do not upload a scanned photo since they will not be accepted; rather take a selfie when instructed to do so. 
  • Make sure that the digits on the ID are clearly visible.
  • Use a plain background for the photo of the ID and for the selfie.
  • Remove any large accessories such as a hat or glasses, unless you were wearing glasses in the photo on the government-issued identification used for identity verification.  
  • If you are having trouble on one device or browser, you can try to verify on another device or browser. 

Why did my verification fail?

  • Verifications may fail for many reasons including: 
    • a blurry photo, 
    • bad image quality, 
    • cropped or cut-off photo, or
    • missing photos such as the back of the card or selfie.
  • If you do not have access to your account after verifying your identification, wait 30 minutes as it may take time for your identity verification to process. If you are unable to access your account after 30 minutes, you may contact Customer Support.