Why do I need to verify my identity?

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Why do I need to KYC?

We do this for many reasons, but it’s primarily for account safety, preventing fraud, and meeting the needs of compliance. We’re committed to protecting your privileged information and keeping the NFT community clear of bad actors. In order to provide this level of customer support and maintain relationships with our partners, we will need to verify your ID. 


What information does RECUR collect?

To verify a user's identity we will request for a picture of your ID and a selfie image. With assistance from our KYC provider, the images provided will be used to confirm your identity and mitigate the risk of identity theft.


When does RECUR request this information?

We will ask our customers to ID verify their accounts when they’ve reached certain compliance limits, such as buying or selling over $2,000 in NFTs in a 24-hour period or when they’ve bought or sold over $10,000 in NFTs over the lifetime of their account. We will also ask our customers to ID verify when they put up NFTs for sale. Lastly, we may also ask our customers to ID verify if there is a potential security or fraud concern that would be mitigated by our customer verifying their identity. 


What does RECUR do with this information?

To learn more about how and why we use your personal information, please read our privacy policy and our terms of service.