How do I list my NFT(s) for sale in the marketplace?

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Steps to take to list your NFTs for sale: 

1. Click on "My Profile" within your RECUR Account 

2. Please make sure you're in the "Collections" section of your profile 

3. Select the NFT you want to list for sale 

4. Click on "Put for Sale" 

5. Within the For Sale Price window, confirm the price* you want to list the NFT for.

6. Click on "Put for Sale" 

7. Confirm your listing. 


Once your NFT has been sold, you will receive an email with the order confirmation details. 



* When listing your NFT(S) for sale, please enter a price less than $1,000,000

Creator Royalty - The creator royalty returns a royalty fee back to the creator of the NFT. 

Total Payout - This is the final amount the seller receives as credit to the RECUR Wallet.