Two-Factor authentication (2FA)

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What is 2FA?

In addition to requiring a user to verify their email address when registering a new account, we require users to verify their phone number by inputting a 6 digit code sent to in the form of an SMS text message to the users' phone. Users will then be prompted to input SMS text codes each time that they attempt to log in to better ensure that it is truly the user that is attempting to log in to the account.

This additional layer of account security is referred to as two-factor authentication (2FA). Because RECUR enables users to seamlessly link their credit cards in order to purchase NFTs, measures such as 2FA are important for protecting your financial information and the NFTs that you hold on your RECUR account.

When is 2FA required?
Currently, 2FA is used whenever a user registers a RECUR account or logs in to their account.

Can I disable 2FA?
No. We require 2FA to better ensure that RECUR is a safe platform for our users.

Help! I did not receive a verification text from RECUR.
If you do not receive a verification text automatically, you can tap "Need another code? Send again" at the bottom of the page and we will resend the verification text to your phone number.

If the problem persists, please confirm that you have provided the correct phone number. If the phone number is accurate, feel free to reach out to Support and we will work with you to troubleshoot the problem.

Do you support 2FA options other than SMS?
Support for TOTP 2FA is in our product roadmap. We will be sure to update you when this option becomes available to users.