What is the RECUR Pass?

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The RECUR Pass is an NFT Collection that was sold for only 24 hours beginning on December 9th, 2021. Each one is completely unique with its own 1:1 generative art and attributes. While the opportunity to participate in the primary drop has passed, you can still obtain a Pass on our secondary marketplace. Buy one or as many as you want!

Pass Holders have utility with the RECUR Pass - it may be different with each branded experience, however part of the adventure is finding out the benefits that it will provide for each drop. To be in the know about benefits for upcoming drops, be sure to join our Discord and follow our Twitter.

Pass Holders can expect to enjoy NFT experiences featuring awesome characters, top films and sports. We’ve partnered with the most iconic IP in the world. They’re the biggest names in film, TV, sports and pop culture. They include ViacomCBS (think Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures etc.), Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, the Care Bears, and college sports. And there's more drops coming…