Email verification

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Email verification is required before you can begin using your RECUR account.

How do I verify my email address?
At the beginning of the account registration process, you will be asked to input an email address.
We will then send an email to the email address associated with your RECUR account. This email contains a unique 6 digit code.

You will be presented with a pop-up box inside of RECUR asking for this 6 digit code.
By correctly inputting the code that was sent to your email address, your email address will now be verified.

Help! I did not receive a verification email from RECUR.
If you do not receive a verification email automatically, you can tap "Need another code? Send again" at the bottom of the page and we will resend the verification code to your email address.

If the problem persists, please confirm that you have provided the correct email address. On occasion, our verification emails can be sent to the Spam or Social folders in your email account. If the email address is accurate and do not see the email in your Spam folder, feel free to reach out to Support and we will work with you to troubleshoot the problem.