All About Dew Drops - FAQs

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What makes Dew Drops unique among other digital collectible platforms?

Dew Drops is the easiest collectible platform to use. We prioritize joyful ownership, fair collecting principles, and a diverse range of artists. Our platform eliminates the hassle of traditional crypto collecting and offers a more accessible and enjoyable experience for both collectors and artists. We’ve eliminated gas wars, long waits for drops, confusing wallet management–everything comes to you via SMS, making it a fun collecting experience!

How do you ensure fairness in your limited edition drops?

All eligible orders received during the order window are randomized, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to collect their favorite pieces. There are no allowlists or preferential treatments on our platform.

How do you support artists on your platform?

We diligently curate a diverse group of international artists, showcasing their work to a wide audience. Our direct line to collectors helps artists stand out, be seen, make sales, and grow their audience. We also ensure that our artists keep a majority of their primary sale, as well as a percentage of their secondary sales.

How secure is your minting process?

Our minting process employs RECUR's battle-tested smart contracts for a safe and secure experience, ensuring the utmost reliability and peace of mind for our users.

What price range can I expect for digital collectibles on Dew Drops?

Our prices range from affordable to premium, allowing everyone the opportunity to participate in drops throughout the week.

How can I join the Dew Drops community?

Simply sign up on our website to start browsing, discovering, and collecting unique digital art from talented artists around the world. For any artists looking to drop with us, apply here:

What devices and platforms are supported by Dew Drops?

Dew Drops is accessible on all major devices and platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Why do I need to add a payment method when signing up?

In order to participate in drops on Dew Drops you will need to make sure you have successfully connected a credit or debit card to your account. This action will enable you to receive a text to purchase art, collectibles, and more. If you are an existing RECUR user, you will need to re-link your payment method here even if you already had a payment method linked to your account.

I’m a creator who would like to drop with Dew Drops, where can I apply?

Just head on over to and our team will review your application!