Hello Kitty Update: Snapshots & Website Update

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Hello Kitty Snapshot Challenge

The first Snapshot challenge is live and will be available through Sunday, April 30th, at 3 pm ET.

As a reminder, to redeem a Snapshot, you must select a PFP and trade in 3 stamps with the same rarity and city. Your stamps will be burned, but your PFP will not be burned. In return, you will receive a Snapshot of the same character, rarity, and city. You can learn more about this here: Challenges: Stamps and Snapshots.

During this first challenge, you will receive standalone Snapshots but will not yet be able to combine them with PFPs. In the coming months, we will launch a second challenge where you will be able to apply your Snapshots to PFPs. At the time of this challenge, you will be able to select the desired PFP to add the Snapshots to; it does not have to be the same PFP selected in the first challenge. In the meantime, you can trade Snapshots to start building your collection. Snapshots are not withdrawable since they need to be on platform for the upcoming second challenge.

Hello Kitty Site Transition

We also want to let you know that starting April 30th, the hellokittyfrens.xyz website will no longer be available. Then, during the month of May, assets for all Experiences Powered by RECUR will become available on recur.com. Having all experiences available on recur.com is a very exciting step towards making our platform even more user-friendly, allowing you to easily manage all your assets in one place.

During this transition, there may be a short period of time where Hello Kitty and Friends World assets will not be accessible on a site Powered by RECUR. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and rest assured your assets will be available on recur.com as soon as possible to make the transition as smooth as we can for you.

We will follow up as soon as we have dates for the recur.com update and the second Snapshot challenge. If you have any questions you can Submit a request and a member of the team will be happy to help!