What are RECUR Experiences?

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RECUR enables you to access digital collectibles in the form of NFTs from your favorite brands. You can explore and collect artwork from top brands such as Nickelodeon, Hello Kitty, Paramount Pictures, and more:

Experiences Built on RECUR Description
Reel Owners The fun never stops: Reel owners is a Slotomania experience that allows you to become an owner of digital assets representing Slotomania's favorite Slot Games.
Dew Drops Through daily curated drops, delivered directly to collectors via text messages, Dew Drops offers a unique and accessible way for artists to connect with art enthusiasts.
Experiences Powered by RECUR Description
emoji™ Forever Join Barry Dingle, his friends, his family, his family's family, their family doctors, their doctor’s families (you get it), as they take web3 by $&%@ storm!
Hello Kitty and Friends World™
Your flight is boarding. Are you ready? Join Hello Kitty and her adorable friends as they travel the world for fun!
Care Bears™ Forever Collect new and familiar Care Bears™, complete challenges, and expand your friendship circle as the Care Bears take over web3.
Enter the world of the Nickelodeon Splat Factory with a heavy dose of ‘90s nostalgia from your favorite Nicktoons.
Paramount Pictures: Top Gun: Maverick Grab your wingman and turn on the afterburners because these digital collectibles are coming in hot!
Star Trek™ Continuum Greetings, Captain. It’s time to assemble your crew. Are you ready to explore Star Trek™ Continuum?
NFTU™ At NFTU, it’s game day. Everyday. Assemble your ultimate college sports squad and level up through challenges.
RECUR Pass Your portal to the metaverse.

What’s the difference between an experience Powered by RECUR and an experience Built on RECUR?

Experiences Powered by RECUR are experiences where we oversee everything from experience creation, operation, and NFT distribution to art, marketing, utility, and community management. This allows us to grant direct utility for RECUR Pass holders in the form of reward packs, giveaways, and early access to drops. In contrast, Experiences Built on RECUR are created and controlled by an external company or creator using our simplified, end-to-end platform, RECUR Builder. That means they can choose how to incorporate the RECUR Pass and its benefits.