How Reel Owners Works

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The Reel Owners Experience

Since the beginning of Slotomania, slot games have been built by an elite team of engineers. Now, for the first time, you get to build your own slot game and become a Reel Owner!

How to build a Slot Game & Own It

Sign up

Start your Reel Owners journey by signing up for a Reel Owners account and collecting your free starter kit. Be sure to fill out your preferred method of payment, so you'll be ready for when a new kit drops! Get started by clicking the "Sign Up" button on the Reel Owners homepage or if you already have a RECUR account you should sign in with your existing credentials. More details on the sign up process can be found here: Creating and Linking Your Accounts

Get ready for a Drop

Look out for drop alerts in Slotomania and on the Reel Owners Facebook Lounge. Save the date & time of the drop on your calendar so you won't miss it - symbol supply is limited and kits sell out fast!

Buy Slot Kits

Once a drop is live, you'll be able to purchase slot kits. These kits contain the symbols you'll use to build your slot games later on. Each symbol has its own level of rarity: Standard, Rare, Epic or Legendary.

Complete Symbol Sets

In order to build & own a slot game, you'll need to collect all of the game's symbols. Go to the Challenges Page to get the symbols you're missing.

Build your own Slot Game

After you've collected all of the slot game's symbols, click on the "build" button in the challenge page to build your slot game and complete its challenge. Your slot game's rarity will be determined by the rarity of the symbols.

Claim your Owner Rewards

Building your slot game will grant you an instant completion reward, to be claimed from Slotomania's gift center. But the fun doesn't stop there! As long as the slot game's season is live, you'll be earning weekly owner rewards. This reward will be based on the rarity of your slot game, as well as your tier, your level, and the amount of players who played your game.

The Slotomania gift center is located in your Slotomania account. Just sign into your Slotomania account and look for the the "Gifts" icon at the bottom of the screen.

Selling Assets

Symbols, kits and slot games you own and do not use to complete a challenge can be sold on the Marketplace. Go to "My Collection" and click on any asset to put it on sale. Symbols you put on sale can not be used to to complete the challenge.

Reel Owners FAQs

For more about the Reel Owners experience check out the Reel Owners FAQs