Contacting Support

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The Playtika Support Team can help you with anything relating to the Reel Owners experience as well as Slotomania in general.

You can contact Playtika Support by following these steps:

[1] First sign into your Slotomania account from the mobile app, mobile site, or desktop site.

[2] Once signed in locate the "hamburger menu" (three horizontal lines) at the top right corner of the screen.

Click on the hamburger menu to expand it:



[3] Click on the "Support" option in the dropdown menu:



[4] This will open Playtika's Slotomania support homepage in your device's default web browser. You will know everything is working properly when you see your Slotomania User ID after "Your UID is".

From here click on the "Open Support Ticket" button:



[5] You should now see the contact form. Choose the option that best fits your issue from the "Select an Issue" dropdown, provide your email address, a description of your issue, and upload any supporting files if necessary.

Once you've completed the form click "Submit":