All About Reel Owners - FAQs

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Who is Playtika and how are they associated with RECUR?

Playtika, a pioneer in the games industry, has partnered with RECUR to bring their Reel Owners experience to life.

What is Reel Owners?

Reel Owners is a Playtika Slotomania experience built on RECUR's Builder platform. Reel Owners allows you to become an owner of digital assets representing Slotomania's favorite slot games. Slot game owners get rewards both in the game and in real life!

What will I win?

Brace yourself for huge amounts of coins and gems! As a Reel Owner, you'll get rewarded whenever you build a game, then later every week for as long as the specific game's season is live (check out the full Reward Table here). Oh, and if that's not enough, you'll also get rewards in real life, like Reel Owners' swag and personal invitations to special events.

How can I own a slot game?

To own a slot game, you'll need to purchase its Symbols first. Once you have all the game's Symbols, you'll be able to build it, own it, and get rewards for it! Symbols are sold during special events called Drops, as well as on the Reel Owners Marketplace.

How do I get Slot Symbols?

Symbols are sold in Kits during special events called Drops, and on your Challenge Page as individual Symbols.

What is a Symbol Kit?

During Drops, Symbols are sold in Symbol Kits. Some Kits have specific Symbols or specific rarities guaranteed, while the content of other Kits is a surprise, depending on the Drop.

What is a Drop?

A Drop is an event during which Symbol Kits are sold. Some Kits have specific Symbols or specific rarities guaranteed, while the content of other Kits is a surprise, depending on the Drop. The Drop sale is based on very limited inventory and typically ends a few minutes after it starts - better add its date & time to your calendar so it won't run out before you get there!

How should I prepare for a Drop?

If you're getting ready for your first Drop, check that your Reel Owners account details are correct, including your payment information. Whenever there's a Drop, make sure you know when it goes live and add the date & time to your calendar – those Kits sell out faster than spinning reels!

How do I know when the next Drop is?

For updates on exact Drop times, check the Reel Owners homepage or the Reel Owners community on Facebook.

How much do Symbol Kits cost?

Prices of Kits will vary from Drop to Drop, and will be announced 48 hours before each Drop.

Will I own a real slot game?

No. As a Reel Owner, you will own digital assets representing Slotomania's most fun and exciting slot games!

Can I own more than one slot game?

You sure can! You can collect Symbols and build as many slot games as you'd like – you'll get Reel Owner Rewards throughout the season for each game you own!

Will I own my slot game forever?

Once you've built your game, it is forever yours! You'll be getting your Reel Owner Rewards for it, for as long as the slot game's season is live. After the season ends, your game will still be yours to keep.

What is a Challenge and how do I complete it?

A Challenge refers to completing a set of Symbols and building a slot game. Each slot game built is a Challenge completed – Go to your Challenge Page and get building!

How many Symbols can I get?

You may purchase as many slot game Symbols as you'd like, as long as they're available.

Where can I see all of the Symbols I have?

On the top bar of the Reel Owners site, click "Collection".

What is the Reel Owners Marketplace?

The Reel Owners Marketplace is a virtual platform where you can browse available assets sold by other Reel Owners and sell your own. If you're missing a specific Symbol – the Marketplace is THE place for you! Click on the "Marketplace" tab on the top bar of the Reel Owners site at any time to get there. Once a Symbol is sold, you will not be able to use it to complete a challenge.

I have more than one of the same Symbols. What do do?

You can sell your duplicate Symbols in the Marketplace. Other players will be doing the same, so if you're missing a particular Symbol, you might be able to find it there.

Can I sell my assets to other Reel Owners?

You most certainly can! Go to "Collection" in the top bar of the Reel Owners site to sell your unused Slot Symbols and Games. Once you've put an asset on sale, it will also appear on the Reel Owners Marketplace.

What is my Wallet and what's in it?

Your Wallet is where you can see your Reel Owners assets, activity and balance. You can deposit funds to it or withdraw them to your bank account. Keep in mind these important notes: There is a $75 cash out minimum, a $25 wire fee (charged by your receiving bank), and topped up funds are never available for withdrawal or cash out. Be sure to check RECUR's Supported countries & payment methods page to ensure you will be able to receive the funds at your desired bank. 

What is a digital asset?

A digital asset is a non-fungible token that can be bought and sold. Read about the terms of ownership in our Terms of Service.

Is buying and selling digital assets safe?

All Reel Owners transactions are processed under the highest cyber security standards. Slotomania has partnered with the world's leading digital asset platforms, to allow for a safe and seamless experience, under strict regulation.