Product Release Notes 11/11/22

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Winter is almost here, but we’re still heatin’ up. With weekly product launches and updates to experiences Powered by RECUR, there’s always something new and exciting to explore.

Here’s what we’ve been getting up to.

Experience Updates 🏗


Paramount+ Utility

We’re excited to announce that Paramount-associated digital collectibles will receive new utility. All holders will be given a redeemable code for free Paramount+ access. More to come on this update.


Nickelodeon Season 2 Recap

Earlier this week, chaos engulfed with the release of Nickelodeon Season 2. Discover 12 fan-favorite characters from Invader Zim and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, including the chance to pull ultra-rare animated NFTs! Fans have until November 15th to purchase their TV Packs. Any leftover NFTs will be burnt.

Get your hands on some here.

Slime and Mashup Challenges are Coming

Starting next week, Zim will release his Slime Challenge for his minions. Holders can burn their Season 2 NFTs for Slime, which can then be exchanged for ultra-rare character mashups. More details dropping next week. Learn more about the upcoming challenges here.

TMNT announcement

Have you heard? There’s movement in the sewers! This week, we announced the highly-anticipated TMNT drop is coming. Check the fantastic teaser here.

🆕 Product Releases

Extra Security with TOTP

You can never be too safe these days. That’s why we’ll be rolling out additional ways to secure your RECUR account with multi-factor authentication. Soon, you’ll be able to use your favorite authenticator app to log into RECUR from anywhere.

Read more here!

Search NFTs by attributes using RSQL

Finding that perfect digital collectible just got a lot easier. Now, you can search NFTs by attributes using RSQL-style querying.

Oh, Cool! Technical jargon! But what does it mean?

It's a new application programming interface that makes searching, sorting, and filtering NFTs much more powerful. Jump into a project marketplace and see for yourself.


We’re always working on new features, continued improvements, and innovative ways for our community to interact with Web3. Check back next week for more exciting news and updates! 🚀

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