Product Release Notes 10/28/22

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With weekly product launches and updates to experiences Powered by RECUR, there’s always something new and exciting to explore. 

Here’s what we’ve been scaring up at RECUR.

Experience Updates 🏗

Care Bears™ Forever


Earlier this week, we welcomed our latest Care Bears™ metaverse bear into the friend circle. So say hello to I Can Bear™! No goal’s unattainable when you have this adorable superhero by your side. 

Nickelodeon Season 2


Invader Zim and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters have taken over the Splat Factory. Is this part of a crazy Master Plan of Zim’s? Here are some quick drop details:

  1. Allowlist Snapshot: November 1st at 12pm ET
  2. Allowlist Sale: November 7th at 11am ET to November 8th at 10:59am ET
  3. RECUR Pass Holder Sale: November 8th at 1pm ET
  4. Public Sale: November 8th at 2pm ET

You can find the complete drop details in the Factory Foreman’s Log here, and learn how the experience works here.

🆕 Product Releases

Chest Reveal


You know that feeling you get when you open a pack for the first time? Ever wish you could share that experience with others? Now you can! 

Give your friends FOMO as they watch you unveil your digital collectibles. Now, whenever you open a new pack through an experience powered by RECUR, you can instantly share it across your socials. Get sharing, friends! 

Smart Contract Publication

This week, we officially publicized our smart contract addresses for all experiences Powered by RECUR. You can find our official smart contract addresses here

Web3 Education

We’re always looking for new ways to onboard people to Web3. This week, you can learn how to use a blockchain explorer to track your RECUR transactions.

Add Card Bug Fixes

We fixed an edge case issue that was affecting successfully adding a card to your wallet. 

Activity Feed Update

We now show how much you spent on gas fees and which payment method you used when performing NFT Withdrawals.


We’re always working on new features, continued improvements, and innovative ways for our community to interact with Web3. Check back next week for more exciting news and updates! 🚀

Have questions about RECUR or experiences Powered by RECUR? Drop them in our Discord community!


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