Using blockchain explorer to view RECUR transactions

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There are a couple ways a blockchain explorer can help enrich your experience for tracking purposes, including viewing your NFT minting transaction the blockchain and viewing transactions where you sent money to RECUR.

There are several elements of a blockchain transaction that you will need to be familiar with to effectively use a blockchain’s explorer.

They include:

  • Transaction hash/hash IDs (the unique identifier of the transaction)
  • Smart Contract Addresses (the address of the Smart Contract for the project - you can confirm RECUR’s Smart Contract Addresses here).
  • The From Address (the originating wallet address)
  • The To Address (the destination wallet address)

What is a transaction hash/hash ID?

A transaction hash, sometimes called a hash id, is a unique string of characters that is given to every transaction that is verified and added to a blockchain. There are many different scenarios that may generate a transaction hash, including sending funds, receiving funds, or minting an NFT from the RECUR platform. Additionally, RECUR Support may request a transaction hash from you in order to help locate funds. It commonly appears at the top of the page when you view your transaction through a block explorer website.

On Polygonscan, it is the first row of data on the Transaction Details page:


How to Find your NFT on the blockchain

To find your NFT on the blockchain you will need to know:

What are the links to blockchain explorers for the chains RECUR supports?

How do I locate the minting transaction of a specific RECUR NFT?

What are the links to blockchain explorers for the chains RECUR supports?




How do I locate the minting transaction of a specific RECUR NFT?

To access this on the RECUR Platform, click your avatar in the upper right, then My Collection.

Click the specific NFT in your collection that you wish to view on blockchain explorer.

Click the blockchain’s logo in the NFT’s history. RECUR Hyperlinks the minting transaction of each NFT to the relevant blockchain explorer, as shown below:


Viewing Blockchain Transactions where you sent Money to RECUR

While you may be able to withdraw your NFT to various blockchains, RECUR only accepts the following forms of payment to transact on the RECUR Platform:

Accepted Forms of Payment:

  • USDC: We only accept USDC sent on the Ethereum (ERC-20) network. Do not send any other form of USDC, as these transactions are irreversible. 
  • Ethereum: We only accept Ethereum sent on the Ethereum network.
  • Bitcoin: We only accept Bitcoin sent on the Bitcoin network.

For more information about sending payments to RECUR via crypto, please visit our Tips for Paying with Crypto.

You can find the transaction hash/id by searching your wallet’s address on the blockchain explorer you sent the funds from.

If you have any questions about a specific transaction, please submit a request and we’d be happy to review it with you!