Product Release Notes 10/21/22

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Reach for the stars. That’s the name of the game at RECUR. With weekly product launches and updates to experiences Powered by RECUR, there’s always something new and exciting to explore. 

This is your weekly recap. 

Experience Updates 🏗


We’re officially swimming in ‘90s nostalgia with Nickelodeon Season 1 in the books! Nickelodeon’s inaugural drop was a blast from the past with Rugrats and Hey Arnold! We laughed. We slimed. We mashed our favorite characters together to create super-rare NFTs. It was a huge success thanks to fans from 197 countries across the world!

Now, as the spookier months approach, we’re preparing for Season 2 with more Nicktoons, more slime, and more opportunities to collect crazy rare mashups. What are the characters from Invader Zim and AAAHH!!! Real Monsters are stirring up in The Splat Factory? Read the Factory Foreman's notes here.


Incoming Care Bears Stare! 

The last Care Bears™ Forever challenge started on Monday. There’s still time to grab one last mystery chest before the newest fren joins the family!

🆕 Product Releases

Pay Gas Fees with a Credit Card

Starting today, you can pay for gas fees on RECUR with a credit card! That’s right. You no longer have to top up your balance on RECUR to transfer your digital collectibles. Instead, select the credit card option and fill in your details. It’s that easy. 

While this may seem like a simple change, enabling this feature gives you more choice, truer ownership, and ultimately more time saved! 

In case you missed it, we announced additional features to improve your RECUR experience and how you verify ownership.

Connect Your MetaMask Wallet to RECUR

Last month, we launched the ability to connect your MetaMask wallet(s) to your RECUR account. Now you have all the benefits of owning RECUR NFTs, regardless if they’re on RECUR or in your MetaMask wallet. Increased interoperability, ease of use, and the power of choice all in one place.

New & Improved Identity Verification

Recently, we introduced a new and improved identity verification process. Verifying your identity on RECUR now takes seconds to minutes instead of hours to days. In addition, you now control how and when you verify your identity, keeping your account safe and opening up access to more features. 


We never stop working on new features, continued improvements, and innovative new ways for our community to interact with Web3. Check back next week for more exciting news and updates! 🚀

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